Clippers news: Paul George is the best NBA player in 2K, says Ronnie 2K
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Clippers’ Paul George is the best NBA player in 2K, says Ronnie 2K

Paul George, Clippers

Paul George may not be the highest rated player in NBA 2K20, but Ronnie 2K believes that the Los Angeles Clippers forward is the best when it comes to playing the popular basketball video game.

Ronnie 2K — digital marketing director at 2K — did not hesitate when asked who he thinks is the best NBA 2K player in the league. He told Rich Kleiman on The Boardroom that George is very lethal because he plays as himself, and he is very incredible because he knows how to pull off his real-life moves.

“He’s incredible at the game and he plays, playing as himself, he’s really got a fix on like, a lot of the NBA players don’t like playing as themselves. But for whatever reasons, he’s got his own moves down. He’s lethal,” Ronnie 2K said.

In terms of in-game ratings, George is the eight-ranked player in the game with a rating of 93. LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard are the two highest-rated players in the game with a 97 rating.

Aside from George, Ronnie 2K mentioned that Kevin Durant is not too far behind George. KD’s Brooklyn Nets teammate Kyrie Irving also earned praise from Ronnie 2K, saying that the superstar point guard is very good at the game as well.