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VIDEO: Clippers’ Paul George burns Nassir Little with nasty handles display

Paul George Nassir Little Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George just showed off his handles to Portland Trail Blazers swingman Nassir Little. Not only did George paralyze him with a series of moves, but he also finished the play with a soft lay-up.

Peep the clip below to witness George’s filthy handles. Look at how the seven-time All-Star almost fell to the floor but thanks to his core strength, he managed to keep the dribble alive.

Here’s a closer look at George’s moves against Little. Props to the Trail Blazers swingman for staying in front of George. But LA’s two-way player finally shook him off with a killer spin move.

Clippers critics and haters like to pounce on George whenever he’s had a bad night. They can’t seem to forget the LA’s 3-1 blunder in last year’s playoffs.

But Clippers fans know that George has been performing up to par day in and day out. He’s a big reason why the Clippers are still considered one of the elite teams in the entire league.

Their win-loss record speaks for itself. With less than 20 games left, they still have a chance at taking the number one spot. But whatever the case may be, it’s almost certain that the Clippers are gunning hard for that title. They are desperate to finally hush the haters.