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Clippers’ Paul George contradicts himself after epic 3-1 collapse


As if Paul George needed to have more salt rubbed into his wounds after his embarrassing Game 7 performance for the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday against the Denver Nuggets. Unfortunately for him, the six-time All-Star had to be reminded of one infallible truth the hard way: that the internet never forgets.

Following LA’s season-ending defeat, George was quick to state in his post-game interview that in his mind, this was not a championship-or-bust season for the Clippers. Well, thanks to a number of internet detectives on the mean streets of Twitter, we just learned that this is pretty much exactly what he said a few months ago:

Oops. That’s awkward.

Paul George came out with this statement just last June, which means that he and the rest of the Clippers must have had this very mindset entering the bubble. They came close, though, but in the end, they failed in the most disappointing of manners.

George had a terrible performance in this do-or-die contest, finishing with just 10 points of 4-of-16 shooting (2-of-11 from distance), with four rebounds, two assists, a steal, a block, and five costly turnovers.

It remains to be seen how the Clippers will approach this offseason. George now has two more years remaining on his current deal, but it is worth noting that he has a player option for the 2021-22 campaign. This means that LA will likely need to offer him an extension sooner rather than later, or they run the risk of having him walk next summer. Before pen is potentially put to paper, however, trade rumors will undoubtedly run rife — especially after George’s poor showing in Game 7.