Paul George almost won the game for the Los Angeles Clippers against the Denver Nuggets on Sunday. ALMOST. Unfortunately, PG13 got the Joel Embiid experience after his potential game-winning shot came off a millisecond late.

With the game tied at 120-120 and less than one second left on the clock after he obtained the ball off a Nuggets miss, George threw a desperation heave from way beyond halfcourt. Shockingly enough, the ball went in, sparking celebrations from the Clippers bench with the thought that PG won it for them.

Obviously, it didn't count, with replays of the shot showing that Paul George still had the ball on his hands when the buzzer sounded.

It would have been an incredible finish for the Clippers had the shot counted. George might have needed some luck in making it, but the fact remains that he couldn't have been more clutch had he made it in time. It's just really too bad that he was a millisecond late.

As mentioned, it reminded everyone of Joel Embiid, who also banked a long-distance shot against the Boston Celtics on Saturday. It would have tied the game for the Philadelphia 76ers after Jayson Tatum put the Beantown team ahead 110-107, but in a cruel turn, he was also a little bit late with his shot.

Even more heartbreaking for George and the Clippers? LA lost in OT, with Denver escaping with a 134-124 win. Ouch!