Clippers news: Pistons star Blake Griffin comments on Steve Ballmer's crazy energy
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Pistons star Blake Griffin comments on Clippers owner Steve Ballmer’s crazy energy

Blake Griffin, Steve Ballmer

Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is known for his wild and raucous celebrations. If you look up Ballmer on YouTube, there are entire seven-minute clips of Ballmer going crazy at Clippers games and other events. Just recently, the billionaire went viral for getting overly excited at Kawhi Leonard and Paul George’s introductory press conference. Former Clipper and current Detroit Pistons star Blake Griffin gave his take on Ballmer’s antics and his experience with them:

“That’s his schtick,” Griffin says. “You go to dinner with him, it’s not what you’re seeing when you see him at a rally. I don’t know if anybody is the same at a dinner as they are at a rally. I would say he’s into it, for sure. That’s his thing.”

Obviously, it’s impossible to be that juiced up over anything throughout your entire day. Ballmer is probably a pretty relaxed dude away from the press and his team, but it’s nice to see some emotion out of the owner when he is with the Clippers. While it might be a little over the top, it’s much better entertainment and fun for Clippers fans when they see that Ballmer is just as excited about the team’s improvements and victories as they are.

After adding Leonard and George, expect to see many more of these Ballmer celebrations throughout the year. The press conference exuberance was just the start of a new era for the Clippers, and Ballmer will be cheering them on enthusiastically the whole season.