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Rockets’ Chris Paul admits he misses the ‘Lob City’ Clippers

Chris Paul, Rockets, Clippers

The Lob City-era Los Angeles Clippers were one of the most memorable teams in recent memory.

Though they never managed to make out of the second round (shockingly), the team was always stacked with talent and if not for an absolute avalanche of poorly timed injuries, it seems likely that this team could’ve made a run to an NBA title.

Sadly, we’ll never know what might’ve been, as all three pillars of the Lob City Clips have long since moved on to other teams. Chris Paul was the first to jettison the bygone Lob City era, as he was traded to the Houston Rockets in a monumental deal.

Then, Blake Griffin was re-signed to a mammoth, maximum contract by the Clippers and summarily traded away the same season to the Detroit Pistons, where he is having a terrific year and has the Pistons in line for a playoff berth alongside his talented running mate Andre Drummond – whom he has a good relationship with, apparently.

Lastly, DeAndre Jordan signed with the Mavericks this offseason and then was traded as a part of this season’s monumental Kristaps Porzingis trade to the New York Knicks – making him the only member of the Clippers’ Big 3 to move two teams since leaving L.A.

The highlights of the Lob City era are numerous and eminently entertaining, and it seems that Chris Paul misses the halcyon days of his time diming up Jordan, Griffin, JJ Redick and Jamal Crawford. According to a recent Twitter thread by Clippers writer Tomer Azarly, Paul had a nostalgic conversation with Redick recently:

While the days of Lob City are long gone, don’t be sad. The memories will last a lifetime for both the fans of the team and all the players involved.