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Stephen A. Smith sides with Bruce Bowen on Kawhi Leonard comment after being sacked by Clippers

kawhi leonard, bruce bowen, stephen a. smith

Even though Kawhi Leonard has officially been a Toronto Raptor for weeks now, the drama around the trade continues.

The Leonard saga was well documented throughout last year’s regular season, as rumors abounded that Leonard had been healthy enough to play for the San Antonio Spurs, but opted to sit out because of a perceived slight from the team’s staff.

Former Spurs player Bruce Bowen, who was working for the L.A. Clippers as a television analyst, voiced his opinion on the drama, saying that Kawhi was full of excuses and that he should have played, especially since he was the face of the franchise and was getting paid a large sum of money.

Bowen was promptly let go from his analyst position after his commentary. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith promptly stuck up for Bowen. In his show, Smith assured the public that what Bowen said was right, although it came from the wrong person.

“Bruce Bowen was 1,000 percent right in what he said… He just shouldn’t have been the one that said it. What happens is because you work for the San Antonio Spurs, nobody is going to believe that you’re coming from an authentic position. Everyone is going to look at you and your belief is going to be that you’re singing that song and dance on behalf of the organization. I think Bruce Bowen is 1,000 percent right. I completely agree with what he’s said. I just don’t believe that he should’ve been the one to say it because he’s a bit comprised. He worked for the San Antonio Spurs, still lives in San Antonio, and loves the Spurs organization, so people are questioning his level of objectivity.”

Smith is pointing out that Bowen’s comments forced the Clippers’ hand. It is well documented that Leonard wants to play in Los Angeles, and the Clippers look to be very competitive in acquiring his services in next year’s offseason.

Bowen is completely entitled to his opinion, and he may even be correct. But when the Clippers had to choose between keeping an analyst or having a shot at acquiring one of the best players in the league, the decision was easy.