The next chapter of John Wall's NBA career will continue with the LA Clippers. His journey, and his life, were almost cut short by his own doing during a very rough part of his life.

Wall wrote an essay in The Player's Tribune to explain his mindset following the death of his mother, Frances Pulley. He explained how he was so distraught that taking his own life felt like the only path forward.

“From a skinny little kid growing up in Section 8 in Raleigh to the No. 1 pick — all the ups and downs and the sh*t I’ve seen? I know exactly who I am, and what I represent, and how many people need to hear this,” John Wall wrote. “So I’m not afraid to tell you that I've been in a place that was so dark that suicide felt like the only option.”

In the essay, John Wall discusses the vibrance and love his mother exuded and how she was his primary source of motivation. The Clippers guard also revealed how garnering the strength to ask for help, which was sparked by a dream he had about his mother after she passed away, changed his life.

“Being a dog, being unbreakable, always having that chip on your shoulder — hey, I get it,” writes Wall. “I’ve been that guy. But the day is going to come when you can’t do it on your own. And you gotta be strong enough on that day to ask for help.”

John Wall's mental struggles, which he discussed in part last month at a charity event, are harrowing to read. To see someone with the perseverance to overcome adversity come to a point where they feel like suicide is the only option is heartbreaking. Fortunately, Wall sought out and received the help he needed to continue his life.

Now, John Wall joins a Clippers team with two All-Stars and a ton of depth. The 32-year-old will be a key contributor to a team that will help him compete for his first championship.