The Los Angeles Clippers and the Chicago Bulls went at it on Monday night in a high-octane matchup that saw LA emerge with a 123-112 win at the Arena. Former arch-rivals turned BFFs Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley faced off on the court for the first time since joining their new teams, and as expected, the pair produced a bit of fireworks.

Unsurprisingly, there was some trash-talking between Russ and Pat Bev before the game. Beverley told Westbrook about his desire to take down the Clippers, which as it turns out, did not exactly play out as planned for the Bulls vet:

“Yeah, he told me he was gonna bust our a**,” Westbrook said of Beverley's pre-game message. “But as you seen tonight, (we) bust that a** tonight. He got the first action tonight. On you a**.”

As you may have noticed, Russell Westbrook had a big smile on his face as he ripped Beverley after LA's win. Not only was Russ happy about the victory, but it is also clear that he was just engaging in some friendly banter with his buddy. Nevertheless, this does not take away from the fact that Westbrook still went full savage on his clap back at Pat Bev.

This was a big win for the Clippers, who are looking to secure a Top 6 finish in the West and a guaranteed spot in the playoffs. They now have a one-game advantage over the defending champs Golden State Warriors, who right now, are seventh in the conference and are headed to the Play-In tournament.