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Clutch Authority: Kevin Durant “Cupcake Championship” gear beloved by fans

Kevin Durant

It’s been a little over a month since the cupcake traitor infamously known as Kevin Durant silenced critics with his first NBA championship.

Of course, regardless of the outcome of the Finals, the internet was ready to make some noise. ClutchPoints is excited to offer our fan favorite memorabilia from the Finals – our exclusive “Cupcake Championship” lineup. Buy with a friend, and you can get free shipping!

Between the hat, shirt and tank top, Clutch Authority offers 8 colors including navy blue, green, white, tan and baby blue. If you’re a die hard Warriors fan, a Kevin Durant follower or just like to collect limited edition gear, you can purchase them via these links:

T-Shirt >> bit.ly/CupcakeTshirt

Tank Top >> bit.ly/CupcakeTanks

Hat >> bit.ly/CupcakeHats

For all the hottest merchandise >> bit.ly/ClutchAuthority