Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders and his Buffaloes have taken the nation by storm to open up 2023. Although Saturday's overtime win over heavy underdog Colorado State wasn't exactly a showstopping performance, Colorado has already exceeded its 2022 win total by two games, including a shocking win against TCU to open up Sanders' tenure at the school.

Now, another football legend in Tim Tebow is opening up about his friendship with Sanders, otherwise known as Coach Prime.

“He really, really genuinely cares about people, and I think that’s contagious. I think you see it in his players,” said Tebow, per Fox News. “I think you see it in his coaches. I think you see it in the people when they’ve been around him. They see it, and then you want to be around people like that — people that care, people with passion, people with enthusiasm for life, for their sport. That’s something that’s always been contagious to me.”

Deion Sanders indeed does exude an infectious personality, complete with catchphrases and mantras that fill his players and fans alike with motivation. Before becoming a coach, Sanders established himself as one of the most unique athletes of all time, becoming a standout player in both the NFL and the MLB.

Now, Sanders is in the headlines once again with his rejuvenation of the Colorado football program, which had been among the Power Five cellar dwellers in previous years.

Colorado will face by far its toughest of the season on Saturday when they travel to face the Oregon Ducks.