Travis Hunter is establishing himself as a star and is now even receiving Heisman Trophy consideration from fans. With Colorado football taking on TCU Saturday, Hunter performed well on both sides of the ball, playing wide receiver and cornerback. Hunter's red zone interception in the third quarter to keep Colorado in front sparked no shortage of reactions from fans.

“Travis Hunter’s Heisman is at home chillin at his crib.”

“Travis Hunter OMG, INT-Save!” Dov Kleiman shared on X (formerly Twitter).

“I’m so happy football is back! Nothing like college football! It’s go BUFFS today & Go NOLES tomorrow btw! I’m riding with both teams all year! Travis Hunter or Jordan Travis for Heisman!” Jaylen Ramsey wrote.

“He could be a top five pick as a corner or a receiver. I mean… That's flat out ridiculous,” one fan stated.

NFL Rookie Watch on X provided analysis on Travis Hunter.

“Travis Hunter is NOT HUMAN,” NFL Rookie Watch wrote. “Hunter played over 60 snaps at HALFTIME and has been all over the field. Hunter already has 8 receptions, 53 yards, one reception allowed, 2 PD’s, and an INT. At halftime, Deion Sanders said the Heisman is ‘waiting at Travis’ crib' if he caught a 40+ yard TD that he dropped in the first half. The NFL isn’t ready for this kind of MONSTER.”

It is truly amazing what Travis Hunter is doing. Playing wide receiver or cornerback is exhausting enough, but doing both in the same game in competitive college football is on an entirely different level. Hunter will certainly be a player to watch all season long and should receive serious Heisman consideration if he continues performing like he did Saturday.