Jim Irsay's decision to name Jeff Saturday as the Indianapolis Colts' new head coach has been met by derision by fans. It's easy to see why: aside from being a member of the team's Hall of Fame, Saturday has no experience coaching at the NFL level. Many felt like this was a bad decision by the Indy.

As it turns out, though, some people within the organization also felt something similar. A joint report by Tom Pelissero and Ian Rapoport revealed the drama between Jim Irsay and other members of the Colts organization over the Jeff Saturday hiring. According the report, many tried to talk Irsay out of his decision, to no avail.

“Colts president Pete Ward and general manager Chris Ballard, among others, spoke with Irsay and expressed their reservations, sources say… But sources say Irsay was hellbent on hiring Saturday, who revealed that Irsay called him during last Sunday's loss to the Patriots to ask about Indianapolis' problems on the offensive line.”

The Colts have been absolutely awful all season long, due to a multitude of reasons. Their offensive line, after being one of the best units in the league, regressed heavily. Matt Ryan showed clear signs of decline, eventually getting benched. Worst of all, injuries have ravaged the team all year long.

Perhaps the Colts find success with Jeff Saturday as their head coach, and Jim Irsay will be validated in his choice. Right now, though, their decision is being met with significant backlash, both by outsiders and other former players.