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Doug Baldwin blasts Andrew Luck’s critics after retirement from Colts

Andrew Luck

When Andrew Luck suddenly retired from the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday night, a bevy of fans and media members criticized his decision. Former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin took to Twitter to put those critics on blast.

Baldwin and Luck spent two seasons together in college at Stanford in 2009-2010. Therefore, the two are likely forever connected from their time together prior to the NFL.

Similarly to Luck, injuries led to the eventual retirement of Baldwin after the 2018 season. During the offseason, the Seahawks pass-catcher had received multiple surgeries but knew his body couldn’t take any more punishment.

During Luck’s press conference following the Colts’ preseason game against the Chicago Bears, he pointed to injuries being the sole reason why he made his decision. Luck said he was stuck in a ‘cycle‘ for the past four seasons and knew the only way to remove himself from it was to retire from football.

As fans, some people tend to allow their emotions to get the best of them. In this situation, people are looking at it in a way that pertains to themselves—not what it means for Luck.

Every Sunday, NFL players are putting their bodies in harm’s way just for the entertainment of people around the globe. At some point, fans have to take a step back and realize that athletes are regular human beings too. They also have families and lives that they want to live.

For Luck, the distinguished quarterback knew that his body couldn’t withstand another season of recovering from injuries. Recently married this offseason, Luck is ready to see what is next for him after football.

We wish the best for Luck in his future endeavors and are hoping for a happy retirement for the quarterback.