Shane Steichen is slowly helping the Indianapolis Colts rise from their once-horrid past. They came off a four-win season the year before and have improved by a large degree in this year's campaign. They were still third in the AFC South but their nine wins can speak for themselves. Gardner Minshew was a stable presence at quarterback and one weapon that has been of great help is Michael Pittman Jr.

The Colts receiver is up for a franchise tag. This means that big money is heading his way. Michael Pittman Jr. is currently slated for $21.6 million for his large contributions to Shane Steichen's offense led by Gardner Minshew. However, he knows that he will never forget his rural roots. He showcased what he has been up to in the offseason in the most humble way possible.

The Colts' weapon has been living it up on the farm. In his latest TikTok video, he shows how he deals with hay by transporting them and stocking them up in his own warehouse. Pittman operates the machines all by himself and looks to be enjoying being back in his home environment where he can work to improve their farm.

Money often changes people's behaviors for the worse. But, the Colts' wide receiver is not going to allow that. Instead, he might just upgrade his equipment.

The Colts receiver to get a franchise tag

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In an interview with James Boyd of The Athletic, Pittman was asked about the importance of the Colts giving him a franchise tag. His response was quite simple.

“I don’t think anybody would be displeased with $21.6 million. The franchise tag is almost like a sign of respect. Obviously, you get paid at the top five of your position, but do I necessarily want to play on one? No, I do not want to play on the tag, but you can use that to work toward a long-term deal as well,” he said.

He more than earned this amount of cash from the Colts. After all, Pittman caught 109 passes for 1,152 passing yards while also recording four touchdowns. His versatility might be tested as Minshew could take the backseat for Anthony Richardson to develop. Will they notch the best record in the AFC South next season?