Colts news: Philip Rivers exerting presence in team meetings
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Colts’ Philip Rivers exerting presence in team meetings

Philip Rivers, Colts

The Indianapolis Colts signed Philip Rivers nearly two months ago and he’s already making an impression on his new teammates. As he prepares to enter his first season with the Colts, Rivers is already exerting his presence in team meetings.

While speaking to ESPN’s Mike Wells, T.Y. Hilton highlighted how Rivers has handled himself so far this offseason

“I feel like I’ve got to know him,” wide receiver T.Y. Hilton said of Rivers. “I mean, he’s already taken control of meetings. So he’s asking questions, knowing the terminology. He’s been in this offense — just some things we’ve changed up with different names. So he’s just getting those things down, and once he gets those down, he’ll be ready to go.”

Before joining the Colts, Rivers has prior experience with head coach Frank Reich and offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni. Therefore, there’s less of a learning curve for the veteran signal-caller than there would have been elsewhere. Ryan Kelly, the center that will be tasked with snapping the ball to Rivers, spoke about how he’ll have to adapt to Rivers’ playing style.

“Obviously, Phil has a very different verbal cadence than what I’m used to, but that’s football, man,” Kelly said. “That’s the way it is. We’re getting paid as professionals to figure it out. There are going to be some learning curves for sure, but as soon as we can get out on the field or even if it’s just Phil and I sitting down and running through a few things, I think it’s really going to help out.

It has been fewer than three months since Rivers chose to continue his career in Indianapolis. Still, it appears that the marriage between Rivers and the Colts is off to a wonderful start.