Colts news: Ryan Kelly reveals how offense is adapting to Philip Rivers
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Ryan Kelly reveals how offense is adapting to Philip Rivers at QB

Ryan Kelly, Philip Rivers, Colts

The bond between center and quarterback is something that takes ample time to manifest when it comes to developing a feel of their cadence. Unfortunately, the restrictions placed in response to the coronavirus pandemic have prevented Indianapolis Colts center Ryan Kelly from getting properly acquainted with quarterback Philip Rivers.

According to Stephen Holder of The Athletic, Kelly admits that it is much more difficult for the pair to accomplish during virtual meetings:

The team’s virtual meetings have actually included Rivers calling out plays and formations so they can take “virtual reps.” Kelly learning Rivers’ cadence is going to be a challenge without offseason workouts, he said.

Kelly’s comments provide another overlooked aspect that has come as a result of the ongoing outbreak. Although the two have made efforts to get on the same page, it seems they may have to wait until offseason workouts in order to truly make it come to fruition.

The Colts made quite a splash when they opted to sign Rivers to a one-year deal this offseason following his tenure with the Los Angeles Chargers. It is safe to say that expectations remain high for the veteran at this phase in his career. Developing a rapport with Kelly will be instrumental in helping him find his footing in the new scheme.

Rivers can take solace in the fact that he will be playing behind an offensive line that has improved significantly in recent years and Kelly is a major reason for the resurgence after being named a Pro Bowl alternate in the 2019 campaign.