Colts news: T.Y. Hilton takes blame for loss to Texans
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Colts WR T.Y. Hilton takes blame for loss to Texans

T.Y. Hilton, Colts

It was an unconvincing return from injury for Indianapolis Colts receiver TY Hilton. He hadn’t played a game since injuring his calf in a practice on October 30. And when this week rolled around, the only practice that he went to was for the walk-through the day before the Thursday Night Football game against the Houston Texans.

Clearly, the veteran receiver wasn’t able to say that he was 100 percent. He only played 25 plays the entire game and was dropping the ball left and right. By the end of the game, Hilton blamed himself for the loss to the Texans.

“I let the team down. Totally on me.”

It was arguably his worst performance against Houston in his eight years playing in the league. Hilton came away with only three catches for 18 yards and had two crucial drops during the game. He dropped a pass alongside Houston’s sideline on third-and-four late in the third quarter when the Colts were trying to hold on to a 17-13 lead. On the Colts’ next possession, Hilton dropped another third-down pass deep along the sideline in the fourth quarter after the Texans had gone up 20-17.

He was commended for his willingness to play despite not being ready to play by his head coach Frank Reich.

“I give him credit for wanting to be on the field. We knew even if we could get him on the field for 20, 30 plays, some of it was just as a decoy so hopefully [the Texans] would roll the coverage to him or do something like that and give us a chance to run it a little bit better. So that was part of the plan.”

The Colts will have time before their next game on their schedule. So hopefully for them, Hilton will be healthy to play by then.