Roger Goodell and the NFL have no updates on the ongoing investigation involving Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder, who was accused of sexual assault and harassment as well as workplace misconduct.

Snyder testified back in July in a private deposition that lasted for ten hours. But since then, the NFL hasn't provided any update.

In a media call today, NFL spokesman Jeff Miller said that there is “no update or timeline at this point.”

The NFL has a controversial past in dealing with the misconduct of its players, coaches, and executives. The league's suspensions in the past have been examined under a microscope, and the Dan Snyder punishment will certainly not slip through the cracks.

The NFL has had to deal with its fair share of suspensions this season. Recently, Deshaun Watson was suspended for 11 games for violating the league's personal-conduct policy due to sexual misconduct. This past season, Calvin Ridley was suspended a whole season for gambling on games. The NFL's decision-making comes into question when gambling is treated with a bigger punishment than gambling.

Miller also added that Roger Goodell will “have a discussion with Dan at the appropriate time.” But when will that time be? Roger Goodell continues to push off this pressing issue.

With the recent suspension of Phoenix Suns' owner Robert Sarver, the Dan Snyder allegations rise to the surface yet again. How will the NFL deal with Snyder? They haven't been very transparent on the issue, and there isn't a clear decision coming anytime soon.