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Conflicting issues with Genshin Impact

The release of MiHoYo’s latest gacha game, Genshin Impact has fans of the genre raving around the game’s addicting features. The hack-and-slash combat mixed with elemental synergies have brought a sense of excitement and thrills to anyone who plays it. Even the story and design were heavily praised where the community compared its features to another role playing game, the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Though there were some positive reviews from the community, the game isn’t immune from criticisms as the developers have been ridiculed with how some features were implemented. The game may be considered to be revolutionary in the gacha genre given its immense depth, but there are accounts of players venting their frustrations to the point where they start abandoning the game. Some may argue that this could be cause by the lack of understanding on how the gacha system works while others point out that the system ruins the genre.

Given the game’s features, comes a form of debate and discussion among fans. Here are talking points that have been contended by fans  and naysayers of Genshin Impact everywhere.



Genshin’s resin system remains to be a form of contention among fans from the beginning. Even with the latest 1.1 update, where the resin gap experienced an increase from 120 to 160, some have noted that its issues of being the fastest method in helping the player reach the endgame remain. In addition, the resin’s long cooldowns tend to drain the player’s experience as the game forces him to wait for the next day to grind.

Fans of the game would defend this feature, stating that the improvements are better than before and that this system allows the player to constantly get hooked with the game as it forces the player to constantly login. Genshin is a gatcha game thus it is meant to be grinded on a daily basis not on prolonged periods of time.

However some would point out that the resin system ruins the storytelling essence of a traditional role playing game.



The ultimate deal breaker for discussions due the random memes and reddit talking points, as the game may entice the player to constantly abuse his bank account to acquire an infinite supply of resin or attain the highest valued weapons, items, and characters. In fact, this system gives a nightmare of dilemmas to the player. Should he just grind his way or should he purchase the game’s currency to receive wishes? Neither solution addresses the problem as they both rely on lady luck’s blessings for the player to receive the desired outcome. There are even reports where a professional League of Legends player would reach insanity levels of testing his luck in rewarding himself with the Genshin Impact’s goodies.

Given the game’s approach of relying on transactions could define the future of gaming. It could allow developers to incorporate the free-to-play turned spending spree philosophy, which has been a staple in mobile gaming, to translate in console and PC gaming.



The player’s first attempt in playing the game will allow him to acquire three free-to-play characters, namely Kaeya, Amber, and Lisa. All three of them have been criticized for their lackluster abilities. Kaeya’s ultimate deals less damage and only covers a small area. Lisa’s overall damage output scales really well, however her survivability has always been placed under scrutiny. Amber’s fandom only centers on her design but her overall abilities and damage output remain irrelevant, leaving her at the bottom of everyone’s tier list.

Given the flaws of these characters, forces the player to burn their wallets to acquire other characters which has drawn some negative feedback, while some would retaliate by pointing out that you can finish the game with only these characters plus those goodies that you received on your first 10 wishes.

Perhaps it does help that these characters were given justice as they have been integral for the main protagonist’s progression at the beginning. Maybe a new set of abilities can be introduced in the succeeding updates to make Genshin Impact more free to play friendly.



Jumping in Genshin Impact has only been limited for gliding and climbing walls, drawing some criticism from content creators. Some have expressed that adding the ability to unleash a flurry of slashes, shoot arrows, and cast spells on air would enhance the creativity in combat similar to those seen in its predecessor Honkai Impact and Capcom’s Devil May Cry.

This helps in addressing the slow attacking speeds of sword based characters like Kaeya and this will also introduce a new set of combos to experiment on. There are those who are already satisfied with the game’s combat system as the stamina meter mixed with the varying degree of enemies already add tension.

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