There are a whopping 28 romanceable options in Coral Island! Check out this Coral Island Romance guide to figure out the intricacies of befriending, romancing, and eventually marrying your favorite Coral Island character.

Coral Island Romance Guide

The first thing of note is that romance in Coral Island is optional. Next, there are a total of 28 characters you can romance, no matter what gender your player character is. Each eligible bachelor and bachelorette have more outfits than non-romanceable ones. Romancing a character allows you to learn more about them. For multiplayer runs, it is possible to marry another player.

You can be married to one character at a time and have a maximum of two children.

Romancing a character begins at level 8 friendship. You can get to this point by doing errands and giving gifts to the character of your choice. Once you hit level 8, you will receive a letter from the Blacksmiths advertising a Locket. It will be purchasable for 1,500 gold and must be given to your romantic interest. Note that you can not give a character the locket if you have already given them a gift previously on the same day, but the locket itself does not count towards the weekly gift count.

The next development will occur at level 10 friendship. You will be able to propose to your preferred bachelor or bachelorette with a diamond ring from the Blacksmiths, which will cost you 5,000 gold.

Who can you romance in Coral Island? – Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes

The following characters are romanceable:

For detailed guides on how to romance each character, visit their individual pages:

  • Aaliyah
  • Alice
  • ben
  • Charles
  • Chaem
  • Eva
  • Kenny
  • Leah
  • Lily
  • Luke
  • Macy
  • Mark
  • Millie
  • Nina
  • Noah
  • Pablo
  • Rafael
  • Raj
  • Scott
  • Suki
  • Surya
  • Theo
  • Wakuu
  • Yuri
  • Zarah
  • Princess Miranjani
  • Semeru
  • Denali

How to Romance in Coral Island?

You can befriend, and eventually romance, any of the above NPCs by raising their heart levels. This is mostly done by giving them gifts that they like, or any of the Universally Loved and Universally Liked items.

You can give each NPC a maximum of 1 gift per day and 2 gifts per week, resetting on Sundays. To do this, the player must equip the item to be gifted on their hotbar and interact with the Gift button prompt as they approach the NPC.

As you progress the Hearts of a candidate, Heart Events may occur, allowing you to learn more about the character.

Talking to an NPC for the first time in the day grants 35 Heart Points. The required points to progress Hearts are as follows:

  • 1 Heart – 350
  • 2-4 Hearts – 450 each
  • 5 – 525
  • 6-10 – 625 each

Players have a base chance of 3% to receive a gift from a friend once they reach two hearts.

Best Gifts in Coral Island – Universally Loved Items

As of version 1.0, the only Universally Loved items in Coral Island are:

  • Golden Pearls
  • Rainbow Wool

One item, the Pink Diamond, is almost universally loved. Leah only Likes this item while Jim Hates it.

  • Pink Diamond
    • It can be acquired by chance when opening a Wind Geode or a Mystery Geode at the Blacksmith’s, or by breaking green gem nodes and crates inside the Wind Mine.
    • It would be wise to use the Pink Diamond on the Slime of Replication to duplicate it due to its rarity.

Best Gifts in Coral Island – Universally Liked Items

A lot of items are Universally Liked in Coral Island. However, individual gift preferences take priority over these universals.

  • Artisan Products except Canola Oil and Wheat Flour (both are universal dislikes)
    • Artisan products and their large versions are considered separate items and some characters may have different reactions for each.
    • Some Artisan products cannot be gifted.
  • Cooked Dishes and other Consumables except Bread and Tortilla (both are universal dislikes)
  • Flowers except Violet and Canola (both are universally neutral)
  • Fruits except Apple, Almond, Coconut, Lemon, and Olive (all are universally neutral)
  • Gems except Pink Diamond (which is almost universally loved)
  • Vegetables except Turnip (which is universally neutral)

Universal Dislikes

The following items are universally disliked. Again, individual preferences take priority over this list.

  • Barley
  • Canola oil
  • Cotton
  • Grass
  • Rice
  • Soybean
  • Wheat
  • Wheat flour
  • All artifacts
  • All bait and tackle
  • All beach scavengeables
  • All fertilizers
  • All fish
  • All floors, paths, and fences
  • All geodes
  • All grains
  • All kelps
  • All kelp essences
  • All metal bars
  • All metal ores
  • All ocean critters
  • All resources
  • All shells

Universally Hated Items

The following items are universally hated:

  • Failed Dish
  • Trash
  • All bombs and explosives
  • All Farming Equipment
  • All fodder
  • All fossils
  • All seeds

Coral Island is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC.