Former Nebraska Cornhuskers football coach Scott Frost was fired early this week after back-to-back losses to Northwestern and Georgia Southern. Bill Moos, Nebraska's former athletic director, hired Frost back in 2017, and he made some revealing comments this week. 

“Scott said, ‘I want to have the Husker toughness and the Oregon finesse,’ ” Moos said. “That recipe just never really folded into a good product.”

It certainly did not. Scott Frost made a bold statement, and he failed to coach a team to achieve his ambitious goals. Scott Frost's teams had neither the toughness or finesse that he strove for. His tenure was disappointing, to say the least.

This was Scott Frost's fifth season with the Cornhuskers, and he had a combined record of 16-31. He never had a winning record in his five years, and he failed to bring success to his alma mater.

Will Nebraska be able to return to the past successes in the 80's and 90's where it constantly found itself in the top ten in the country? Probably not for a long time. Some serious changes need to occur before that can happen. Interim coach Mickey Joseph is tasked with manning the helm for the rest of the season in Nebraska. It will be a difficult task, but new blood is needed in Cornhusker country for a fresh start.

Nebraska will face #6 Oklahoma this upcoming weekend. These teams used to battle it out in the 70's and 80's, but this weekend, fans can expect another devastating blowout. Nebraska is used to that by now.