The Dallas Cowboys may have been hailed as “America's Team,” but they sure haven't played like it for almost three decades now.

In a rather ugly mark that the Cowboys faithful certainly won't celebrate, the team has officially passed the 10,000th day without an NFC Championship Game appearance on Friday, per Mark Leslie of WFAA Dallas.

The Cowboys last made it to the Conference Championship back in 1995, which was also the last year that they won the Super Bowl. Ever since then, the team has only made the playoffs 12 times, of which they were eliminated in the Wild Card five times. During that span as well, the only instance they qualified directly for the divisional round was back in 2007 when they clinched the NFC with a 13-3 record.

Dallas had been talented enough to frequently qualify for the postseason, but not good enough to contend with the best of them as they were unable to get over that championship hump ever since their 1995 win.

The Cowboys still remain one of the winningest teams in NFL history with their five Super Bowl titles. However, unless Jerry Jones and the top brass make any significant changes, it's hard to see the team adding another silverware to their trophy cabinet.

Dak Prescott and co. made it to the divisional round last season but lost to a San Francisco 49ers team led by an upstart QB in Brock Purdy. It remains to be see what other changes the team will do this offseason, but all eyes will be on them as Dallas fans hope for a better season this 2023.