Cowboys news: Ezekiel Elliott won't be charged for Las Vegas altercation
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Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott won’t be charged for Las Vegas altercation

Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott finds himself dodging one issue following reports that he will not be charged for an altercation back in May. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are no longer filing criminal charges against him since they felt it was a case that will not move forward.

Back in May, TMZ Sports revealed footage of the whole incident involving Elliott having an argument with his girlfriend. At some point, both ended up talking with event staff. It was the part where Zeke got in the face of 19-year-old Kyle Johnson where things got ugly. Elliott would eventually knock Johnson over the metal railing. In the end, Zeke was handcuffed but not arrested.

Johnson opted not to press charges after the altercation and left it up to the NFL. But when the league decided not to penalize the Cowboys’ running back, the 19-year-old took action.

Authorities started gathering evidence last July tied up to the case. But according to police documents, they decided not to move forward with the charges and close the case,  TMZ Sports revealed in a most recent report.

Elliott continues to hold out as contract talks with the Dallas Cowboys continue. But as mentioned in a previous post, Zeke is reportedly keeping himself in shape in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The Cowboys are still busy trying to come up with an acceptable deal for their three stars. Aside from Elliott, there is also Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper awaiting new deals. Team owner Jerry Jones has said that all three will get contracts in line with the top-five contracts of their respective positions.