Cowboys news: Ezekiel Elliott's response to coach's RB rankings
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Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott’s humorous response to NFL coach ranking him outside top 10 RBs

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Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is a superstar at his position, and most people would agree with that.

However, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler ranked the 10 best running backs in football today and Elliott was on the outside looking in. As Locked On Cowboys host Marcus Mosher noted on Twitter, one NFL coach had Elliott ranked 11th in the league.

Elliott responded to the tweet. He did not seem angry, but instead had some fun with the situation.

Not long ago, the Cowboys running back was in the news for a comment he made while streaming on Twitch, saying that he was “low-key faded.” Obviously, this turned into headlines. With that in mind, Elliott gave a funny — and related — response to the NFL offensive coach who ranked him so low:



The coach in question was never named in Fowler’s article. However, it’s not hard to imagine that said coach could be on the staff of one of the Cowboys’ rivals. It could also be one of Dallas’ coaches, which would make things awkward if that ever came to light.

But for now, all we have is the knowledge that at least one NFL coach does not have a high opinion of Elliott’s skills. But that seems to just be water off of the Cowboys’ rusher’s back, based upon his lighthearted comment.