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Cowboys’ Jason Witten honors Kobe Bryant on Instagram

Jason Witten, Kobe Bryant, Cowboys

The entire world was in shambles on Sunday as Kobe Bryant tragically passed away, along with his daughter Gianna, in a helicopter accident and many athletes sent their condolences to the ones affected. Among them, Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten honored Bryant with a heartfelt message on Instagram via Jon Machota of The Athletic.

Over the course of his historic career with the Los Angeles Lakers, Bryant was revered as someone that would outwork anyone in the room. As a result, it appears that Witten adopted that same mindset in his career with the Dallas Cowboys.

As Witten illustrates in his Instagram post, he met Bryant following his retirement speech. The extremely competitive basketball player was interested in learning about the Y-Option route that Witten was known for. It was the little things that made Bryant the person and player he was.

Regardless of the sports people played, many were motivated by Bryant’s unmatched work ethic. With Bryant beginning his career in 1996, there are many players in today’s NFL that idolized the five-time NBA Champion.

Witten, a legend in his own right, is among the countless athletes that were fans of Bryant. The Cowboys’ tight end continually found ways to use Bryant’s mantra of never being content in his NFL career.

Similarly to Bryant, Witten has spent his entire career with the same team that drafted him. While he may not be the same freakish athlete that Bryant was, both share similar qualities.

But like many others, Witten utilized Bryant’s mantras in his everyday life. Without a doubt, Bryant will be missed by many and he left his long-lasting legacy on everyone around the globe—including Witten.