Cowboys news: Jerry Jones speaks out on his stance about kneeling
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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones speaks out on his stance about kneeling during the national anthem

Jerry Jones, Cowboys

After being uncharacteristically silent over the past few months over social justice issues, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones finally speaks out. Unfortunately, the 77-year-old’s stance when it comes to athletes protesting via kneeling is still rather unclear.

“Everybody in this country knows where I stand and where the Cowboys stand when it comes to the flag,” Jones said, per National Football Post. “Everybody also understands where I stand on backing our players — the Dallas Cowboys players.”

Addressing the public for the very first time since the killing of George Floyd in May — which sparked protests against inequality and racism all across the globe — Jones refused to explicitly say whether he is for or against his players kneeling during the national anthem.

“I have nothing to prove as far as where I’m standing with the flag and where the Cowboys stand. I have nothing to prove regarding my players and my support of the players. What I do want us to show and be a part of is a word called ‘grace.’ Not only grace in our actions but grace in our understanding of where they’re coming from,” Jerry Jones added.

In 2017, Jones came out to say that players who decide to kneel will not play. He followed it up the following year by saying that the Cowboys’ policy when it comes to the national anthem is that players should have their “ties on the line.” Now, it seems that the long-time owner is slowly reconsidering.

“I want our players to understand the perception of where they’re coming from regarding (the) flag and the sensitivity there and the many memories there. I want our fans to understand where our players are coming from,” Jones explained. “The ones who want to basically do that, to kneel, do not feel like they’re dishonoring the flag.”