When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, Troy Aikman's glass is clearly half-empty.

Aikman is supposed to remain as impartial as possible when he broadcasts games alongside Joe Buck for FOX. But, on Tuesday night, the Hall of Fame quarterback couldn't hold back his pessimism when watching his former team fall to the Baltimore Ravens.

In the waning minutes of Baltimore's 34-17 blowout win — which dropped the Cowboys to an NFC East-worst 3-9 — Aikman lamented the state of the organization for which he won three Super Bowl titles in the 1990s.

 “I don't know. I just don't know where this organization … where they go. There are just so many things that have to be addressed this offseason,” Aikman said.

The Cowboys' 2020 campaign — the first for head coach Mike McCarthy — has been nothing short of a disaster.

The Dallas defense has surrendered the most points in the league, the offense has sputtered after the loss of Dak Prescott and the apparent loss of Ezekiel Elliot's talent, and a swift coaching shake-up may be in order, as well.

Upon the hiring of McCarthy last spring to replace Jason Garrett, Aikman expressed concern about potential “dysfunction” in Jerry Jones' organization.

“[Garrett] committed everything he had to the organization…Breakups are always hard … but I don’t know that after all that he gave and committed to this organization that he received the same in return,” Aikman told Fox 4 Sports. “When the organization was unwilling to come out publicly and say that, ‘We are seeking a new coach,’ and yet at the same time, reports are coming out that they’re interviewing potential new candidates for the head coaching position, that’s disappointing. I think in a lot of ways it shines a light on some of the dysfunction, if you will, within the organization and kind of how they got to the point that they’re in now.”

Through 14 weeks of the season, it's hard to argue with Aikman's past, present, and future critiques of the once-great franchise.