Crusader Kings Update 1.11.1 Fixes Timely Legacy of Persia Bugs

Crusader Kings Update 1.11.1 fixes Legacy of Persia bugs, enhancing gameplay with balance and AI improvements.

Crusader Kings 3 Update 1.11.1

In the latest development of Crusader Kings, the much-anticipated Update 1.11.1 has been released, addressing critical bugs and making significant improvements, especially in the Legacy of Persia content. This update introduces a range of balance changes, AI improvements, interface enhancements, art refinements, localization adjustments, game content modifications, and several crucial bug fixes, aiming to refine the overall gaming experience for players.

Balance Changes for Enhanced Gameplay

The update brings several balance changes to enhance gameplay dynamics. A key adjustment in Unity mechanics ensures that removing a guardian will now reduce unity only once every three months, rather than with each change. This modification aims to stabilize the game's political aspect. In response to player feedback, the prestige reward for defeating the Seljuk invasion has been slightly increased, providing a more rewarding experience. Additionally, holding court sessions will now guarantee a minimum amount of Court Grandeur, adding to the strategic depth of court management.

A significant fix has been made to the Iranian Intermezzo catalyst, where previously, the Execute a Detractor/Supporter event failed to trigger. This correction aligns with historical contexts and player expectations. The update also brings a crucial change to Polygamous faiths, now restricting the sharing of a spouse with a family member to those who believe in Unrestricted Marriage, ensuring a more realistic and culturally sensitive gameplay.

AI Improvements for Realistic Engagement

AI behavior has been tweaked to provide a more immersive experience. The frequency of war declarations by Counts has been reduced to levels similar to those before the Legacy of Persia update. This change gives Dukes and higher-ranked characters more strategic opportunities and enhances overall game performance.

Interface Enhancements for Better Usability

The update introduces several interface enhancements for improved usability. Timed character modifiers no longer display misleading expiration information. The interaction window has been improved to prevent the deselection of radio buttons, ensuring smoother gameplay. Tooltip issues, including the invalid tooltip for the Take the Vows option and incorrect trigger tooltips in the Embellish Capital Decision, have been addressed. Additionally, the Ethos is now correctly listed in the Cultural Pillar encyclopedia entry, and character tooltips in the Activity and Event Windows have been adjusted for better visibility in various resolutions.

Art Refinements for Visual Appeal

Artistic elements of the game have received significant attention in this update. Iranian rulers will now predominantly wear Iranian clothing, enhancing the game's cultural authenticity. The display of 2D icons for upgrading castles has been fixed, along with various graphic improvements, including lighting setups and the depiction of Iberian Goatees in the barbershop.

Localization and Game Content Adjustments


Localization issues have been addressed with fixes to typos and language in game decisions and events. The update ensures that forming the Persian Empire does not disrupt the naming of titles for characters in Iran. Vassals now receive notifications when their liege or higher authority starts or succeeds in converting a county within their sub-realm. The Seljuk Invasion mechanics have been refined for more expected behavior, and title revocation has been adjusted for characters holding a Head of Faith title. Newly created faiths will no longer default to the Full Tolerance doctrine, correcting a significant gameplay issue.

Database and General Bug Fixes for Stability

The update also focuses on database corrections for historical accuracy in character relationships and cultural details. A fix to the Casus Belli for the Azariqa rebellion has been implemented, along with solutions to prevent rare crashes and out-of-sync issues related to laws, rulers, and monthly updates. The auto-assignment of taxpayers has been made more consistent, and the game credits have been updated to include missing names.

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