Knicks sensational big man Kristaps Porzingis received a bit of vindication in this year's NBA Draft.

The infamous crying kid is back at it again at this year's NBA Draft, but this time it's not to display his dissatisfaction with the Knicks first round selection.

If you recall, the kid named Jordan balled his eyes out at Barclays Center when almost every Knicks fan in unison booed their draft pick, without realizing how good Porzingis really was.

His video became viral on the internet and he was actually able to meet Porzingis in person.

Not only did he get to meet Porzingis, but his expectations were exceeded in the 2015-2016 season by the rookie and now Jordan has become one of his biggest fans.

Jordan returned to Barclays for the 2016 NBA Draft, but instead of crying this time, he was found sporting a Porzingis jersey and with more confidence in his team.

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