TupperwareNinja, a random Reddit user based from New Zealand, posted the actual storage size of CD Projekt's Cyberpunk 2077 for the PS4 and PS5. Based on his PS4 experience, he mentioned that the game consumes 102.447 GB. Upon shifting to the PS5 due to backwards compatibility, the game consumed 102.9 GB of space.

He even mentioned the latest patch notes which included improvements in terms of gameplay, stability, and performances, caused by CD Projekt's release of a 28GB update. He ended his post by acknowledging the benefits of being a gamer in New Zealand. Given the massive size, Cyberpunk will take days to download.

Prior to the release of an update, the game only consumed 70GB for the PlayStation, plagued by bugs and glitches. CD Projekt's patch update could perhaps be the answer to the game's issues.

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However the patch update isn't only applicable to the PlayStation as Xbox users will also experience the game's improvements. A week ago, DreamcastGuy posted via Twitter a patch update from his Xbox amounting to 43.5 GB. Initially the game consumes 59.49 GB of Xbox storage and latest patch will further increase it to 102.9 GB, similar to the PlayStation 5.

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It has yet to be confirmed if there will be updates on the game's PC version. As of now, the storage size of the PC remains at 70GB. Given the game's current state, it can be concluded that console gamers will benefit more from the game's improvements.

Fans and pundits have already expressed varying opinions on these updates with some praising it to potentially address the game's issues while others criticizing it for prolonging the downloading time.