Pawel Sasko, the Lead Quest Designer of Cyberpunk 2077, announced on Twitter the game's concurrent players. Hours after its release, it toppled all of the top games on Steam. Over 1 million players are currently on Steam, a landmark moment in the gaming industry.

This marks the first time that a single player game has reached the charts in terms of player count on Steam. The other entries are multiplayer mainstays like CS:GO and DOTA 2. Given the massive playerbase, came incidents where the Steam store crashed.

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Based on these results, CD Projekt is expected to attain a lion's share of sales. This has yet to include the revenues earned from consoles.

The game was even lauded on Steam with over 2,000 positive reviews which outshines the 600 negative feedback.

Besides its dominance in Steam's playerbase, the Cyberpunk 2077 craze even translated to social media. Currently, it is the most trending gaming topic on Twitter amassing over 140,000 Tweets. This has yet include the “Night City” sub tweets which reached over 18,000 mentions.

The initial release of the game caused a massive debate in the online gaming community with some praising the detailed approach in character customization, extending all the way to the players' choice of private organs, creating a meme-worthy discussion in Twitter.

The extreme graphics of the game were a point of criticism as some players have expressed the need to lower the settings for a smooth experience. There were numerous bugs encountered and this remained to be one of the biggest complaints on Twitter and Steam.

Amid the problems, there's a possibility for the game to reach the all time best sellers, which can happen once improvements have been implemented.