The Indianapolis Colts pulled an unlikely upset on the road in Baltimore, but their chances were put in serious doubt after backup quarterback Gardner Minshew channeled ESPN commentator Dan Orlovsky with an accidental safety.

The move is famously coined after Dan Orlovsky, who first stepped out of the end zone during his time with the Detroit Lions in 2008. Minshew dropped back in the end zone down late to the Ravens, and accidentally stepped out the back before he was sacked regardless.

Orlovsky was thrilled to post a video on social media now that there are officially two QBs who have stepped out of the back of the end zone by accident. Jimmy Garoppolo was the other offender last season, almost a year to the day from Minshew's.

“First Jimmy and now Gardner, I'm off the hook, I'm off the hook!” Orlovsky exclaimed on X.

Luckily for Minshew, the safety ended up playing to their advantage in the end. They were down one point at the time, and the safety pushed the margin to a field goal. He was able to lead them on a game tying field goal drive with the few minutes remaining, and ultimately a final winner in overtime.

The Colts will take their two straight road victories back to Indianapolis where they will host the Los Angeles Rams next week. The Colts are an early two point underdog, but could gain steam after their recent string of victories. They will also hope to have Anthony Richardson back from a concussion, but Minshew proved he can get the job done in the clutch and overcome the safety incident late in the fourth quarter.