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D’Angelo Russell believes him and Jeremy Lin can work together

The Brooklyn Nets pulled off a great move before the 2017 NBA Draft. In a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, they got D’Angelo Russell, sending Brook Lopez and a late first rounder the other way. Russell is a former second pick who has a lot of potential, and could be a building block for the New York-based team.

The Nets, however, already have a starting quality point guard in Jeremy Lin. Lin signed a three-year, $36 million deal with Brooklyn last summer. Due to this, there were concerns that one of them had to sacrifice minutes or production. However, Russell was quick to squash those concerns.

Russell spoke to Sean Deveney from Sporting News, and the focus was on will the duo work.

“I think it’s a go,” Russell said. “We just go. Whoever gets the ball, let’s run. I complement his game, he complements my game. He’s not a point guard, he’s not a shooting guard. I’m not a point guard, I’m not a shooting guard. I think we’re just basketball players trying to make the best of it.”

Russell also touched upon his tenure in Los Angeles, plagued with off-court controversies.

“It’s past,” Russell said. “I learned a lot and now I am moving on to a new opportunity. The situation is, you’re with one team and you go to another team and it is completely different. Brooklyn has been open arms from Day One for me, so I am looking forward to it.”

He also spoke about head coach Kenny Atkinson, praising his work ethic.

“I have talked to him a lot,” Russell said. “We talked last week. He is an amazing guy because he is a hard worker, he has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. He was an assistant a long time and he had to pay his dues. He has a lot of credibility. He speaks, I listen. I feel like all those things kind of complement myself and where I am now, that’s the way I try to go about my business.”

In the deal for Russell, the Nets also received Timofey Mozgov. The whole move was actually made so that the Lakers can dump Mozgov’s contract, and the Nets insisted on Russell as a sweetener to the deal.