Music icon Debbie Gibson revealed which Taylor Swift song is her jam and gave her high praise.

In a recent interview, the Foolish Beat singer told US Magazine all about it, including what tune hits home for her and what she thinks of Swift's impressive career.

Debbie Gibson talks about her high regard for Taylor Swift

“[The Tortrued Poets Department song] I Can Do It With a Broken Heart is my new anthem,” she said. “I think a lot of us kind of live that, and showbiz women live it. It's like we get on stage and we sing and dance, and then we go cry in a corner later about our personal life. She's done so much to move the style forward and empower women.”

Also, in the interview, Gibson discussed the music industry and how much more helpful it is to women than it used to be.

“My late, great mom literally pounded her fists on the conference room table at Atlantic Records to drive the point home that a young girl could write and produce her own music,” she added. “Now look at Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift and everybody who's come after. Nobody was warm and welcoming to female songwriters [when I started], let alone producers at that time. So, I mean, to me, the landscape has just opened wide up.”

She envisioned what a career would be like for her if she was just starting off.

“I just could imagine the stress and exhaustion that my mom and I exerted just to get past the gatekeepers to get to the starting gate could've been eliminated,” the singer said. “There's a freedom now for young artists, for female artists, and I think really for female creative visionaries.”

Gibson, who released her debut album Out of the Blue in 1987, is known for being the sole songwriter on all her singles that have reached the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Beyond music, Gibson has had some health issues for a while that she's had to contend with.

“I've dealt with Lyme disease for well over a decade,” she added. “I feel like Lupus and Lyme, there's so much in common. I remember when I was at the beginning of my journey and just a lot of autoimmune diseases were not at the tip of everyone's tongue. So, just to have a night dedicated to the awareness [is important]…I feel like people see this on social media. They see it in the news, and they go, ‘Oh, somebody's thinking about when we're home in pain and we're feeling despondent.'”

The success of Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish is great to see, especially considering how far things have come along since Debbie Gibson was at the peak of her career. It's good to know that the iconic pop star recognizes the current talent and appreciates what they're up to.