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DeMarcus Cousins doesn’t believe he’s getting the respect that he deserves

Despite several attempts of recreating his image, Demarcus Cousins doesn’t believe he is getting the respect he deserves from the fans or the media.

In Michael Lee’s recent article for The Vertical, the Sacramento Kings big man had this to say about missing out on some All-NBA votes last season.

“I don’t even know what an expert is any more. I mean, I had some guys, didn’t even vote for me, and that’s absurd. It’s a joke. It really is. It’s a popularity contest. It’s the guys who like them, it’s the guys they like, the guys they get to see on a nightly basis. I still don’t feel I get the respect I deserve. But I’m going to keep grinding. I’m going to stick with it.”

Even though Cousins just came off a career year averaging 26.9 points per game to go along with 11.5 rebounds, having all those past issues to go along with his temper and behavior caused the bad stigma to tail him as he continues his playing career.

He believes in many situations he is made out to be the bad guy. Cousins told The Vertical:

“I’m clueless. It’s to the point now, where I don’t want to say anything about any situation. Then I’ll be the bad guy about that as well. Anything I do. Anything I do, it’s … it’s whatever, man.”

No matter what is said about Demarcus Cousins and his behavior, no one can question his talent and ability. He is currently training with Team USA for the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Aside from showcasing his ability, hopefully Cousins can turn this trip to the Olympics into a successful personal experience so that maybe he can, at least, somewhat turn the tables in his favor when it comes to the fans and the media.

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