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Despot’s Game Release Date: When is Despot’s Game coming out?

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Despot’s Game, one of the breakout indie titles from the Guerilla Collective earlier this year, finally comes out on Steam. Here is when Despot’s Game release date will be.

Despot’s Game Release Date: October 14, 2021

Despot’s Game comes out on October 14, 2021. The idea is simple: you build a squad of nameless characters, hoping that they are somehow stronger than the opposing side. They battle while you watch, and they are as dispensable as nameless peons come.

Despot’s Game is a rogue-like tactics game with turbo-charged battles. You build a team of unnamed stick figures, which you can upgrade and transform into different classes: from wizards, cultists, ninjas, and other kinds of heroes. These nameless stick figures woke up in a dystopian labyrinth, desperate to fight for their lives. However, the labyrinth is procedurally generated, and no one run will run the same.

Despot’s Game comes out exclusively on Steam, being the second game from indie developers Konfa Games. After self-publishing their first game, Despotism 3K, the team has since sought the assistance of indie publisher tinyBuildGAMES. The boost in exposure did help, with Despot’s Game becoming one of the favorite titles coming out of the Guerilla Collective Showcase. Despotism 3K, on the other hand, will be on a 70% sale until October 19, 2021 to celebrate Despot’s Game‘s release date.