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Destiny 2: When is Destiny 2 cross-play feature going live?

Destiny 2 cross-play key visual

Destiny 2 will be launching its cross-play feature soon, which will go live as soon as Season 15 drops.

The bane of every multiplayer game is the lack of cross-play functionality. It’s a big hassle if you and your friends prefer playing your online multiplayer game on different platforms. So, thankfully, Destiny 2 will soon have cross-play enabled. Thank you, Bungie!

The game’s cross-play functionalities first leaked when Season 14: Season of the Splicer went online. The service went live unintentionally, but Bungie decided to work with the cards dealt to them and just roll with it. Instead of panicking, the devs decided to use this as an opportunity to test out Destiny 2‘s cross-play functionality. They asked players to use the functionality and report to them any issues they’ve encountered. From what we’ve heard, it was smooth, and if things didn’t change, it should still be smooth when the game officially supports cross-play.

Destiny 2‘s cross-play functionality will go live alongside the upcoming new Season. Season 15 is expected to come out on August 24, 2021, which is when Season of the Splicer will come to pass. Traditionally, the previous season’s end date indicates the next season’s start date, so we’re pretty confident on this one. But given how big of a deal cross-play functionality will be, it’ll be completely understandable if Bungie chooses to push this date back a little bit. Looking forward to it, though. Be sure to come up with a cool new name before then, because Bungie announced that they will be implementing a cross-platform “Bungie name” that will be applied to your account once cross-play rolls in.