Texas A&M will be on the outside looking in during this season’s College Football Playoff.

Cole Thompson, the host of the daily Locked On Aggies podcast, vented about how nothing mattered to the college football playoff committee this weekend.

Thompson: I’ll tell you right now, we have spoken this into existence for weeks now and it happened. It did not matter that Texas A&M went on the road to Neyland Stadium, one of the toughest places to play in the college football realm and in the SEC. It did not matter that Kellen Mond had a 281-yard game, threw a touchdown, and rushed for another while the rushing attack had 126 yards, one of their better road attempts on the year.

It did not matter that the Texas A&M defense brought down both J.T. Shrute and Harrison Bailey four different times on the day including one causing a fumble caused by Andre White that set up a touchdown. It did not matter that the run defense was held to 24 yards on the day. It did not matter that Jimbo Fisher came out after the game after weeks of saying that he did not care about the College Football Playoff to say, “Guess what. We are one of the four best teams in the country. We went 7-0 since the Alabama game and they blew everyone else out of the water. It did not matter. We went 7-0. Texas A&M was one of two teams in the SEC since week three to be undefeated in the toughest conference in the entire realm of college football.