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DMX’s hometown of Yonkers, NY to honor rapper with touching gesture after death


The rapper DMX has recently passed away at 50 years old. To commemorate him, the Mayor of his hometown of Yonkers, New York Mike Spanos listed down three options, according to TMZ. These are a statue, a street mural, or a street naming. Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald who is also from Yonkers has a statue in her honor. 

The preference of DMX’s family will have much weight in the decision. Before Yonkers has concrete plans of a tribute, they have opened their doors, specifically the Yonkers Raceway as a possible venue for the memorial service.

The raceway is the largest outdoor venue available in the city. The venue is primarily used for horse racing and has a seating capacity of 7,500. However, with the existing COVID protocols and guidelines, only 20% of the seating capacity can be used.

According to a representative from the raceway, there have yet to be any requests for a memorial service, additionally, there have been no large events, since the pandemic started.

DMX who was born Earl Simmons was comatose for a week in the hospital before his death. The ordeal began when he had a heart attack at his home. DMX garnered three Grammy nominations in the early 2000s, sold millions of albums, and even starred in some movies like Romeo Must Die and Cradle 2 the Grave. While his achievements were great, he has had his fair share of off-field issues and served prison time. 

Fans mourn this unfortunate loss and professional athletes, such as Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James and future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson were no exception.