Hundreds of Dodger Stadium game-day workers could go on strike next month if the Los Angeles Dodgers do not meet their contract demands by the end of June, the union representing the employees said, according to Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Times.

More than 80 people gathered outside of Dodger Stadium on Saturday when the team was playing a game against the New York Yankees. The workers are asking for a wage raise of 43% to 45% over five years and an increase in the employer's healthcare contribution from the Dodgers, SEIU USWW officials say, according to Castillo. The SEIU USWW union represents approximately 500 ushers, groundskeepers, security officers and other stadium workers in the negotiations with the Dodgers. The two sides are scheduled to return to the bargaining table on Friday, according to Castillo.

SEIU USWW President David Huerta addressed the negotiations and possible strike.

“In my 27 years working with the SEIU, representing these workers, we have never had to go on strike,” SEIU USWW President David Huerta said, via Castillo. “But the circumstances we're looking at – when you look at inflation, you look at the profitability of this organization, the cost of living – the wages that are being negotiated now, these workers understand that this is a moment for them, to be able to negotiate when they consider what they need to be able to survive in this city.”

It will be intriguing to track what happens when the two sides meed on Friday, and if a resolution is found before a strike takes place.