The Los Angeles Dodgers are heading into spring training under the magnifying glass with the game of baseball's greatest star in a generation set to don the team's official colors this season. Manager Dave Roberts had a take on the highly charged situation surrounding his star free agency addition and what it could mean in terms of the team's focus.

Roberts also revealed info on Walker Buehler's recovery from Tommy John surgery and how that is going so far. Ohtani spoke out about his multi-million dollar swing and getting to know his LA Dodgers teammates.

With the Dodgers preparing for the media frenzy to unfold, Roberts got 100% real on what his franchise can expect to go down in the coming weeks and months.

Dodgers' Roberts Speaks on Ohtani Situation 

Roberts deflected attention away from the impending Ohtani media swarm and instead chose to tie it back to the Dodgers franchise in an article posted to The Athletic.

“When you put this uniform on, there’s a certain standard in how you go about things,” Roberts said. “(That includes) appreciating the fact that there’s more responsibility, more autographs to sign, more media probably to contend with.”

He did admit that whatever does come of the incoming Ohtani saga in Los Angeles could take some time to adjust to for his veteran laden ballclub and that is something they should know and be aware of heading into the season.

“It’s going to be a learning curve for everyone,” Roberts added.

Roberts Expounds on Ohtani Comments 

Shohei Ohtani is headed to the Dodgers.

Roberts pointed the looking glass back at himself in describing how the Ohtani situation will be handled going forward.

“But I think that part of my messaging to the players is going to be, it comes with the territory. I think that the expectations of winning, the expectations of answering questions when you don’t feel like it, it’s part of the job.”

When asked if it could be a distraction, Roberts replied, “If you let it,” according to the article.