Justin Turner is a fan favorite in Los Angeles and the Dodgers would likely love to re-sign him. Meanwhile, Turner recently admitted that he loves being a Dodger. Turner recently explained why he has not re-signed with the team yet, per AM 570 and Sports Illustrated.

“Obviously, I love being a Dodger, I love being in Los Angeles. This is home for me,” Turner said. “I’m in good standing with the Dodgers. I’ve talked to Andrew Friedman several times, I’ve talked to Dave Roberts several times. Again, it’s a business. They have some decisions to make on what they want to do as far as— You know, there’s all this cr*p about the luxury tax and payroll and paying, you know, a gajillion dollars in taxes because the payroll’s been high the last few years. So I think they’re trying to figure out what they need to do and prioritize what’s best for them, and then once those chips fall, we’ll see where I stand.”

Justin Turner is fresh off of an up-and-down 2022 campaign. He followed up a slow start with a blazing hot run towards the end of the year.

But the Dodgers have been linked to superstars such as Aaron Judge and Justin Verlander in free agency. As a result, Turner will need to wait patiently while the Dodgers get their affairs in order. Los Angeles previously did not pick up his club option, but they are rumored to have interest in re-signing Justin Turner.

It will be interesting to see if Turner winds up in Los Angeles this offseason.