Los Angeles Dodgers superstar Mookie Betts wants to be a Hall of Famer before he retires. The 30-year-old shared reflections on his baseball journey with Kevin Hart on the latest episode of “Cold As Balls” that aired on the LOL Network on Tuesday.

Betts says he envisions himself playing nine more seasons in Major League Baseball, before confirming that a nod to the Hall of Fame is the last thing he wants to accomplish before moving on from the game.

“The last thing for me is just become a Hall of Famer,” Betts told Hart. “We don't know, we just gotta keep winning.”

Betts signed a 12-year, $365 million contract with the Dodgers in 2021, and hasn't made it clear whether 2032 will be his last season in the MLB.

“That's a lot of years, man,” Betts said. “When I signed it, I was like s**t.”

Betts also got real with Hart about the difficulties of the long season.

“It's hard,” Betts said about the grind of a 162-game MLB schedule. “You can't be everywhere at once, you know, and you gotta make sure you take care of your job because your job is kind of what's providing everything for you, but you also got to provide as a husband. You gotta provide as a father. You gotta provide as a friend.”

It was both a comical and informative discussion between Betts and Hart, which also included Betts' plans for life after baseball, and a hilarious round of the first sport that he admits he was really good at: bowling.

“Bowling was the first thing,” Betts told an impressed Hart. “I be throwing that rock.”

Mookie Betts has undoubtedly had an incredible career: two World Series rings, six All-Star nods, five Silver Slugger awards and six Golden Glove awards, as well as two Defensive Player of the Year trophies.

It's extremely likely that he'll be adding Hall of Famer to that impressive resume sometime in the next decade.

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