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Dodgers not-so-discreetly delayed Game 1 of the World Series

The Los Angeles Dodgers put on a dominating display to take Game 1 of the World Series over the Tampa Bay Rays. Mookie Betts and Clayton Kershaw had standout performances, but the Dodgers’ pitching staff as a whole really sealed the deal. They even found their own ways to keep their staff sharp during the game.

On the daily Locked On Dodgers Podcast, hosts Jeff Snider and Vince Samperio were in attendance for Game 1 and explained how the Dodgers created their own advantage for reliever Dylan Floro by not-so-discreetly delaying the game:

Jeff Snider: This was funny. Do you remember when Bellinger was up in the bottom of the sixth inning, there were two outs, and the game got delayed briefly because a ball got out on the field from the bullpen? If you’ve seen how those bullpens are oriented, you might have wondered how did a ball get out on the field from the bullpen? Did you wonder that, Vince?

Vince Samperio: I did wonder. I had no idea where the ball came from and I assumed it was from the bullpen, but I was like how did he get over there?

Jeff: I may be telling a trade secret here and I hope this doesn’t get back to Rob Manfred, but I’ll tell you how it got on the field. Somebody threw it on the field intentionally from the bullpen. Dylan Floro was warming up, there were two outs, and he needed a little extra time to get warm. So somebody threw a ball on the field to delay the game to get Floro a couple of extra warmup pitches.

Vince: Wow … That’s interesting. It makes a lot of sense now because it literally didn’t make sense at the time, but I kind of just brushed it off because there was no way for me to find out how that happened.

Jeff: Obviously, I’m speculating on the reasoning. It’s not like I was down there enough to hear them saying things, but it was definitely deliberate that someone threw it on the field. Then Dylan Floro came in, because the Dodgers had scored some runs that inning and I think that was when Roberts decided we’re not going to send Kershaw back out. So let’s get Floro going and Floro just needed a couple of extra pitches and they got him a couple of extra pitches. It made me laugh quite a bit.

Floro only threw 15 pitches and gave up two runs, so maybe this advantage didn’t work out for the Dodgers, but they got the win and are now up 1-0 in the series.