Aside from Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, another romance between an NFL player and celebrity is blossoming with ‘NFL Man' Braxton Berrios dating TikTok star Alix Earle. The Miami Dolphins receiver began dating the TikTok star earlier this year, which has created buzz on social media and around the league.

Berrios revealed that coach Mike McDaniel has ‘chirped' about their relationship and even offered some love advice. “Today he told me ‘get married. Everything gets better.' so I guess that is a little bit of advice,” Berrios told Kay Adams on the Up & Adams Show. “Randomly, not even in context.”

Braxton Berrios also opened up on what it's like dating the TikTok star, who blew up on social media for her “Get Ready With Me” and lifestyle content videos.

“She does a great job with doing her work and then putting the phone down and doing everything else. When she picks up the phone, I completely understand it's work,” Berrios told Adams. “It's never been an issue, it's never bothered me. To me, I met her, I understood, learned what she did. You understand this is how she makes her money, this is her career, this is what she loves to do. To me, it never gets old, it never gets boring. Honestly, it's fun and I enjoy it.”

So far, all seems good between the two, with Berrios calling Earle ‘incredible.' This season, Berrios has 20 receptions for 194 yards and a touchdown while Earle has frequently been seen supporting him at Dolphins games.