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Domestic battery charges against Dolphins star Xavien Howard dropped

Xavien Howard, Dolphins

Xavien Howard didn’t see his season prematurely ending the way it did, but the injured Miami Dolphins corner will be seeing better days as the battery charges filed against him were recently dropped.

ESPN’s Cameron Wolfe reported that the dropped suit, which was initially filed by his fiancee, will help improve his legal standing and allow him to focus on recovering from his surgery for the 2020 season. However, Dolphins head coach Brian Flores and key figures in the Miami front office will still look into the case and discover the case for themselves.

“We’re still gathering information on that. We take situations like that very, very serious. We’re gathering information. It’s unfortunate,” Dolphins coach Brian Flores said. “How does it impact us? It does impact us. Again, we take these things very seriously. We’ll gather all information and do what we feel is best for the organization.”

“It’s too early to tell. I haven’t even talked to him. We have a process here. We’ll go through that process, Chris, myself, Brandon, Tom, we’ll have a conversation with X and make a decision once we get all the information.”

Howard and his fiancee apparently fought over a purse that was recently bought by the family. The police were called to the home the Dolphins’ cornerback shares with his fiancee and their three children. His partner had scratches and redness on her right wrist/forearm as well as an abrasion and redness from a fall. He was accused of grabbing both of her arms and pushing her against a mirrored glass wall in the hallway of their bedroom.

Howard only played five games with the Dolphins before being put on the injured reserve for his injured knee. Through those five games, he made 17 tackles, four pass deflections, and an interception.