Miami Dolphins star cornerback Jalen Ramsey is vehemently denying a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter that concerns his Week 8 availability. The senior NFL insider reported that the team is preparing for the former All-Pro to return this Sunday versus the New England Patriots, but Ramsey is claiming to have no idea of said plans, per his X/Twitter account.

“So this is why I just got a crazy amount of texts,” he posted Thursday night about 15 minutes after news broke of his supposed return. “Well, this is news to me…mfs don’t care about being right, they care about being first in today’s media. That’s sad.”

Whoa. Schefter is widely considered to be at the top of his field, so this denial by Ramsey is quite shocking. The 29-year-old CB did chime in again with a far less combative tone, however. “I’m an Adam Schefter fan btw, so not mad at him at all for doing his job. I just didn’t know,” Ramsey joked.

Formerly ecstatic Dolphins fans will be going to sleep far more confused and less optimistic than they were an hour ago. Ramsey has yet to suit up for Miami after suffering a knee injury in training camp. His return date has never been precise, but November has long been considered the earliest possible timetable. That unofficial assessment seems to fall in line with the Super Bowl 56 champion's astonishment.

As of now, Schefter has not responded to Jalen Ramsey. In any case, Miami must be completely focused on its upcoming divisional matchup with New England. The team has managed a first-place standing in the AFC East without its prized offseason trade acquisition. Though, as last week's loss shows, the Dolphins are unlikely to reach their full potential without Ramsey.