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Dolphins’ Josh Rosen played 9 minutes yet outpassed Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Patriots

Josh Rosen, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dolphins, Redskins

The Miami Dolphins didn’t have a good day against the New England Patriots. In fact, they dropped the game by an embarrassing final score of 43-0.

The game got so bad that for the second week in a row, the Dolphins changed QBs during the game.

In Week 1, Ryan Fitzpatrick started, but was replaced by Josh Rosen. The same thing happened in Week 2.

Fitzpatrick played most of the game, with Rosen getting just nine minutes of time. However, Rosen out threw Fitzpatrick.

Obviously, the numbers aren’t good for either. However, Fitzpatrick’s numbers are just straight up disastrous.

Rosen had the disadvantage of coming into a blowout. He was throwing it constantly, and the Patriots knew that.

Despite that, he threw for eight more yards than Fitzpatrick despite less throws and a lot less time.

This will only raise the question even more, should Rosen be starting? It’s pretty clear the Dolphins are tanking as hard as physically possible. Why not give the young quarterback a chance to prove himself? Maybe he shows you something.

For now though, this is their reality. They’ve been outscored by their opponents 102-10. Things obviously aren’t going their way. Miami needs to shake things up and maybe it starts at quarterback.

Whatever they need though, it’s likely that one player won’t save them. That famous Fitzmagic from Fitzpatrick isn’t showing itself in any form this year. Maybe it’s time to go to Rosen and see what happens.

It’s not like things are going to get any worse for them, so why not?