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Josh Rosen says closing the gap in Dolphins’ QB competition is ‘irrelevant’ to him

Josh Rosen, Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins made big moves at quarterback this offseason. The most headline-worthy move was trading for Josh Rosen. However, that wasn’t the only move; they also signed veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Rosen now finds himself in a serious quarterback competition. Yes, he’s a young talent many expect to be the future of the position for the franchise. For now though, he has a lot to prove.

Early indications were that Fitzpatrick had taken a lead in the quarterback competition, but things have changed. According to Adam H. Beasley of the Miami Herald, Rosen has impressed enough to reset the QB competition. The 22-year-old is taking an interesting and refreshing approach to the situation.

“That’s irrelevant in my head,” he said. “Just trying to compete with all the quarterbacks, but also try to compete on the field, have fun. Because the one thing that coach was stressing in the meeting was, we’ve put a lot of work in. Been a lot of really tough, hot, long training camp days.

“The scrimmage is supposed to be fun,” he added. “Football, it’s a game. We all have a job to do and we’re taking it seriously, but I was excited to come out here and have fun, play football.”

Josh Rosen has always taken different views on life. It has endeared him to many but put others off at the same time. He’s at it again with his view on the current QB competition.

Personally, I love this view. Rosen realizes how important the “competition” is, but he isn’t going to let it consume him. The second he does, he won’t be playing the game how he feels it should be played. By going out there and having fun, he’s presenting his real self to the Miami Dolphins.

Now we have to see if that version is good enough to win the starting quarterback spot this season.